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Today’s Sarasota Yarn Shop Class

First half of the Florida Peaches Handbag shown with the variegated yarn I'm using, and real FL peaches on my tree!
First posted in June, 2016. Updated in 2018.


I taught a small, intimate two-hour crochet class in my favorite Sarasota yarn shop today. It was a test of a few ideas I have for next month’s Stitch Games class in Charleston.


A few days ago I imagined using the popcorn stitch to show one way to group colors of a bold variegated yarn. I’m glad I crocheted a swatch in time for this class. It was perfect. I think I’ll turn it into a summer handbag.

UPDATE: Florida Peaches Handbag is done!

Some of the students were surprised that you could get the look of alternating two or more yarns with just one yarn. I hadn’t thought of this advantage, but it’s true. Sometimes, alternating different strands of yarn in a project interrupts the crochet flow, so that’s why this is an advantage. It’s nice to have this built in option with just one ball of yarn, if you know how to do planned pooling.

Color Stacking 101

Rows of double crochets keep each color of a variegated yarn stacked in columns
Simple rows of double crochets (UK: trebles).

Susie, a student in today’s class, crocheted this swatch. It’s color-stacked double crochet. Susie is actually the resident crochet teacher for the shop! Isn’t it beautiful?

You can use a taller crochet stitch like the double crochet (dc) if each color in a variegated yarn is long enough. In this swatch, the yellow is barely long enough for one full dc, but it looks cool the way it shades into the green, doesn’t it?

For the handbag I used half doubles (hdc or UK: htr) for the aqua, and dc for the peachy popcorns.

The yarn I wanted to use for the Jempool Scarf pattern had shorter colors, so I used (soft, loose, stretchy) slip stitches. You can see another color-stacked slip stitch project at the top of this page.

Both of these yarns are exclusive custom colorways hand dyed for this Sarasota yarn shop, A Good Yarn. I’ve used several of their custom yarns for class samples: Seshen, Bonefish, Bare Bones, Tunisian Spoonbill, and Slip Stitch Ikat Cowl.

I’ve tested many CGOA crochet class topics at A Good Yarn over the years, and a subtropical theme always seems to work well 🙂 The handbag looks just like Florida peaches against the Florida sky.

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Vashti’s Crochet Classes in 2016

Here’s everything there is to know about Vashti’s crochet classes in 2016. (Who’s Vashti, though? Is she a good teacher? See what others say–scroll down.)

Vashti’s Crochet Classes, the Five 2016 Topics

Each class is three hours long and held at the national crochet conference of the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA). Everyone’s welcome to attend this July 13-16, 2016 at the Embassy Suites North Charleston Airport/Hotel & Convention Center in North Charleston, South Carolina.

  1. Stitch Games for Multicolored Yarns: Click here for its resource page of links. Click here for the CGOA description.
  2. Steek (Cut) Tunisian Lace for Fun Fast FashionsClick here for its resource page of links. Click here for the CGOA description.
  3. The Starwirbel Way, How to Shape Spiraling Star Stitch LaceClick here for its resource page of links. Click here for the CGOA description.
  4. Tunisian Eyelet Meshes 101Click here for its resource page of links. Click here for the CGOA description.
  5. 21st Century Love Knot MeshesClick here for its resource page of links. Click here for the CGOA description.

Have a look at the new “Vashti’s Crochet Classes” Pinterest board.


What are Vashti’s Crochet Classes Like?

These classes consistently sell out! Read what lots of students have said about them here. For example:

  • Not only is Vashti very knowledgeable but her very fun and friendly character adds so much to the class and inspiration.
  • I have learned more than I ever imagined possible in 3 hours. Vashti is an amazing teacher, so generous and very, very talented in the teaching department. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • Vashti is very calm and that makes her very easy to listen to. She does an awesome job!
  • Fabulous! Instructor made me feel as an equal – which was delightful. Super friendly and passionate.
  • Vashti is a natural teacher – very organized and clear!

About Vashti Braha

I. Love. Teaching. Crochet.

As of 2004, I’m a full-time professional crochet thinker and tinkerer. I produce industry-standard crochet patterns, classes, articles, and other materials to promote crochet as many things: an art, hobby, learning tool, and practical medium. If I were you, I’d sign up for my newsletter because I try to write about what I don’t see others writing about crochet.

Email me directly: [email protected] or visit Vashti’s Crochet Lounge, an open forum in Ravelry where the friendly members and moderators are first-rate. Find in Facebook   Friend in Ravelry  Follow in Pinterest .

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2016 Crochet Stitch Games: Class Resources Page

The original announcement for the 2016 "Stitch Games" class; a ring of stacked rainbow colors!
This page has been updated for the upcoming 2018 “Creative Planned Color Pooling” class scheduled for Saturday, July 28 in Portland, Oregon.


Clickable resources for my 2016 Crochet Stitch Games with Colorful Yarns class. Includes patterns for designs shown, and inspiration for new games. Also articles & books recommended in class.

Crochet Patterns & Crochet Alongs

Vashti’s Newsletter Issues

2016 Crochet Stitch Games, Blogged


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2010 CGOA Runway: Tunisian Weightless Wrap

Vashti Braha modeling the Tunisian Weightless Wrap, CGOA fashion show 2010 in Manchester NH
At least one of these photos was taken by Doris Chan at the Chain Link Conference fashion show, 2010, Manchester New Hampshire. View full size.

Found these photos I’d forgotten about! They was taken at a crochet conference in 2010. I’m modeling the Tunisian Weightless Wrap because it won an award in the CGOA Design Contest.

CGOA Design Contest, 2010

Read my short article on the very first year of the contest (2008). It has since become an exciting annual event, thanks to Doris Chan’s tireless efforts in the early 3-4 years of it.

The Weightless Wrap is the inspiration for one of my longest running crochet classes on Tunisian eyelet meshes. I’ve just completed the 2016 class resource page for it–that’s how I found these photos again.

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Tunisian Eyelet Meshes: Class Resources Page

A clickable list of resources for my 2016 Tunisian Eyelet Meshes class at CGOA’s Chain Link conference: patterns for designs shown, books mentioned, & articles recommended in class. Also, inspiration for new Tunisian eyelet variations.


Story of the Tunisian Eyelet Mesh


Recommended Issues of My Newsletter

Blogged (older blogs)

Inspiring Tunisian Crochet Books

You might see a lacy stitch variation to try.

  • 1997: Basics of Tunisian Crochet for Beginners, N. Seto, Japan. ISBN 978-4-529-029285
  • 2000 (1991), Rebecca Jones: Tricot Crochet The Complete Book, Lacis Pubs., Berkeley CA. ISBN 978-1-891656-28-6
  • 2004, Angela “ARNie” Grabowski: Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet, LoneStar Abilene Pubg LLC, TX. ISBN 978-0-974972-55-8
  • 2004, Carolyn Christmas and Dorris Brooks: 101 Easy Tunisian Stitches, Annies Attic, IN. ISBN 978-1-931171-74-8
  • 2008: Tunisian Crochet Patterns 100, Nihon Amimono Bunka Kyo-kai, Japan ISBN 978-4-529-04484-4
  • 2009, Kim Guzman: Learn to Do Tunisian Lace Stitches, Annie’s Attic, IN. ISBN 978-1-59635-264-3
  • 2009, Sharon Hernes Silverman: Tunisian Crochet: The Look of Knitting with the Ease of Crocheting, Stackpole Books, Mechanicsburg PA. ISBN 978-0-811704-84-7
  • 2014, Kim Guzman: Tunisian Crochet Stitch Guide.
  • Duplet magazine issue #61.