Crochet to the Color Playbook


  • Three-pattern set; all are self-edging and reversible.
  • A randomized filet crochet approach to using richly hand painted yarns.
  • One-of-a-kind outcomes—like a game!

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This 11-page booklet has three scarf patterns, and introduces a kind of freeform crochet that I love to use with richly hand painted yarns. This method has one-of-a-kind outcomes—like a game! All three scarf designs are self-edging and reversible.

This “stitch game” is a fun way to juggle some variables to bring out asymmetrical and startlingly edgy looks in classic crochet stitches. You get one-of-a-kind results each time you try a colorful new yarn with one of the three scarf patterns in this set:

  1. The Easy-level Tea Lights Scarf is based on the practice swatch.
  2. The Lacustrine Cowl is Easy-Intermediate because it uses offset rows.
  3. The Intermediate-level Bare Bones Scarf starts in one corner.

As the introductory playbook for the Level I stitch game, this three-pattern set uses just two basic crochet stitches and discusses game strategy with them. It includes several examples of game swatches. (The Level II playbook will add even more variables by using more stitches in new ways.)

Table of Contents 

  • How to Do the “Crochet to the Color” Method
  • Skill Levels & New Skills List, page 2
  • Yarn Selection Tips, page 3
  • The Practice Swatch & Game Strategy, pages 3-5
  • About the Three Projects in this Booklet, page 5
  • Materials Needed, page 6
  • Pattern Terms, Abbreviations, Special Stitches, page 6
  • The Patterns, pages 7-11
  • Questions & Feedback, & About Level Two, page 11

This pattern set presumes that you already know how to crochet these basic stitches: chain, single crochet {UK: double crochet}, and double crochet {UK: treble crochet}. A familiarity with filet crochet is helpful. In this booklet the color leads the crocheting instead of a filet chart. Each result is unique because each crocheter will naturally apply the game rules a bit differently.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn these skills

  • How to evaluate different kinds of variegated yarns and create new effects with them.
  • How to “crochet to the color” in traditional filet rows for a fresh randomized effect.
  • How to prevent a gap after the first double crochet of each row (single crochet method).
  • How to do the foundation double crochet, and start and end rows with increases or decreases.
  • How to crochet a scarf diagonally from one corner to the other, and customize its dimensions.
  • How to include beads in a stitch game project.

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Special Value, Visual Aids, Has Crochet Class Content


Set of Two or More Patterns, Yarn Pooling Method


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