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Vashti’s Crochet Classes in 2020

It’s official! I’ll be teaching two unique topics for the Crochet Guild of America’s ONLINE CGOA’s Chain Link conference, July 23–25, 2020.

Thursday 7/23/2020 thru Saturday 7/25/2020
Big-Hook Slip Stitch Crochet | All Skill Levels | Register for this class.
11:00am-12:00pm CDT (1 hour each day/ Total 3 hours)

Thursday 7/23/2020 thru Saturday 7/25/2020
Tall Stitch Virtuosity | All Skill Levels | Register for this class.
2:00pm-3:00pm CDT (1 hours each/ Total 3 hours)

These classed will be my first time teaching online and I’m really excited about it! They are also the first 3-hour online classes for CGOA.

More CGOA teachers are preparing to teach their classes online too. The plan is to have one or two class topics taught by one or two teachers per week, going forward. In the coming months I may teach more topics that were originally scheduled for the onsite conference.

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Quick Facts

Each of these crochet classes will be three hours long (spread over three days, an hour per day) with comprehensive full-color handouts.

Even More Show & Tell!

I always bring lots of crocheted examples of topics I teach. In yarn industry lingo I guess it’s called having an in-class trunk show per topic. Normally this means deciding which crochet items to ship to the conference.

This time I’ll have all the crochet at my fingertips here at home base.

Why so many items? I test fibers, dyeing styles, crochet hook sizes, stitch variations, shaping methods, and all the what-ifs. These items often inspire students to try variations with their own projects. A class project may end up being the starting point of a new design.

By Skill Level

Big Hook Slip Stitch Crochet and Tall Stitch Virtuosity are for all skill levels. New-ish crocheters who are comfortable crocheting the basic stitches like chain stitch, single crochet, and double crochet are ready for these classes. Each one is in-depth and thorough. In fact, even the most experienced-level crocheters will learn something new and see crochet with fresh eyes.


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