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Vashti’s Crochet Classes in 2020

Crochet Guild of America’s COVID-19 STATEMENT

I’ll be teaching seven unique topics at CGOA’s Chain Link conference, July 22–25, 2020 in New Orleans, Louisiana:

  1. Bivector, the Class (see this blogpost)
  2. Big-Hook Slip Stitch Crochet
  3. Flowerfall (see this blogpost)
  4. Mindbender Mobius
  5. Return-Pass Hijinks!
  6. The Starwirbel Way: Lacy Star Stitches
  7. Tall Stitch Virtuosity

Still to come are the official descriptions of these crochet classes, and images that go with them. I’ll be blogging about them, and creating class resource pages for them (or updating existing resource pages where they exist). I also expect to stumble on some unexpected things, or design something cool, as I prepare for the conference. This has been my usual process for eight years.

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Quick Facts

Each of these crochet classes will be three hours long with comprehensive full-color handouts. They’re scheduled in either a morning or an afternoon time slot.

One class this year is solidly Tunisian crochet (#5 Return-Pass Hijinks!). Tall Stitch Virtuosity (#7) will also include Tunisian.

Flowerfall (#3) goes beyond even the “21st Century Love Knot Adventures” topic I teach almost every year. The lacy star stitch Starwirbel class returns again (#6).

The remaining three are Slip Stitch Crochet topics: Bivector the Class, Mindbender Mobius, and Big-Hook Slip Stitch Crochet. One of these, Bivector, is a beaded jewelry class. Beads will also make an appearance in the Return-Pass Hijinks! class, and, if time permits in Flowerfall. Mindbender Mobius also offers an unusual experience with basic planned color pooling.

The Projects!

All seven topics are technique classes, but some also include the option to get started on a project that features the technique. Flowerfall is a flattering “waterfall” type of vest shape that can be styled several ways. Starwirbel is a capelet-style lace cowl. Bivector is a beaded cuff bracelet, and the Mindbender Mobius is a warm fine-textured cowl; no two are ever alike.

Projects mean special shapes and shaping methods (she says, with a gleam in her eye). Flowerfall features corner to corner diagonal crocheting and a harmless bit o’ steeking (cutting open stitches) to whet the whistle. Bivector involves short row shaping in contrasting colors of crochet thread for decorative effect. Starwirbel is worked in continuous spiraling rounds with discreet increases and fancy yarn. Like Starwirbel, the Mindbender Mobius is a spiral, but not just any spiral. It’s a true infinity spiral.

I always bring lots of crocheted examples for show and tell. In yarn industry lingo I guess it’s called a trunk show per topic. I need to test fibers, dyeing styles, crochet hook sizes, stitch variations, shaping methods, and all the what-ifs. These items often inspire students to try variations with their own projects, so a class project may end up being a starting point for a new design.

By Skill Level

Two topics are rated Advanced Skill Level: Mindbender Mobius and Flowerfall.

Two topics are rated Intermediate Skill Level: The Starwirbel Way: Lacy Star Stitches and Bivector the Class.

The other three topics are for all skill levels.


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