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The Crochet Inspirations Newsletter

Foundation Star Stitch pattern, and new Lovelace Cowl pattern announcement
Issue #82: How to Crochet the Foundation Star Stitch.

Since September 2010 we’ve produced an information-rich crochet newsletter once or twice a month.

The newsletter also has its own Facebook page where you can see additional links, images, and comments. At the bottom right corner of each newsletter issue, click the “Like” button to see its updates in Facebook.

Vashti’s three goals for the Newsletter

1. To say something new about crochet.

I love exploring and thinking about crochet stitches and techniques. It’s a journey for me and I welcome companions. My strongest motivation while serving on the board of directors for the Crochet Guild of America was CGOA’s mission statement: furthering the growth and development of my beloved crochet.

2. To share my different kinds of crochet developments all in one place with quick updates.

For example when I:

  • Publish a new downloadable crochet pattern, e-book, etc;
  • Create a new stitch video or step by step photo tutorial;
  • Offer a crochet class in person or online;
  • Find important news about crochet that I think we should all know about.

3. To offer crocheters an exciting alternative to those newsletters in my inbox that are really just advertisements to delete!

If I were a subscriber of Vashti’s Crochet Inspirations, I think I’d look forward to it, be inspired to pick up a crochet hook, and to save a print out of the issue to read again.