Crochet Class Resources: LIST

Crochet class resources are always a mix of physical items (yarns, crochet hooks, class handouts, crochet designs) & digital links to patterns, videos, books, and other helpful references. Having one online page to list all of these things, with URLs to click, has been so helpful all around.

My crochet class resources are listed below as topic cards, from the newest to 2012.

DispLays in a three-column grid on desktop, and in one column on most mobile devices.

Not Just for Students

It saves the teacher (me) a lot of space in a printed class handout, and a lot of time while teaching. I can simply refer to the resource page URL for the class!

The class participant saves just one bookmark to revisit. (Sometimes I add more resources to a page after the class is over.) The resource page can also help people decide which Chain Link class to take when registration opens.

If the topic cards are missing below, view them all as posts.

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