How to get all the forms of help you might need at DesigningVashti.

If I’ve missed something, use the Contact Me form below. Your question will help me to create a great FAQ page!

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Shopping Troubles?

If you purchased a downloadable item in the shop before October 16, 2017, please register as a customer, and then contact me below so that I can transfer your access to your new account (plus a special coupon for your trouble).

Trying to buy something you can’t find? Use the Search Products window at the very top. Or, browse Our Products groups in the righthand sidebar. If these don’t help, contact me below.

Problems with your shopping cart or checking out? Your Cart is always found in the top right corner of this site. At Checkout you can use a credit card or Paypal to complete your selection. This is when you can add a coupon code, if you have one. Registering first is a great thing to do.

Shipping or Downloading hitches? Contact me below.

Pattern Support

For most pattern questions, please start with Vashti’s Crochet Lounge in Ravelry, for several compelling reasons:

  1. Someone may have already asked your question.
  2. Your question can be (or has already been) answered by others who have ingenious and fresh ways of explaining the same thing.
  3. You may discover a wealth of tips beyond an answer to a question. CAL (crochet along) discussion threads for the pattern would also be found there.
  4. It may take longer for me to answer a pattern question than someone in the forum. I wrote some of these patterns at least seven years ago.

For any other pattern concernsemail me or use the Contact me form below.

Newsletter Concerns

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To forward a newsletter issue to a friend, click the forwarding link at the bottom of the issue.

You’re very welcome to comment publicly on a newsletter issue here on the blog: use the Site-wide Search box in the righthand sidebar anywhere in DesigningVashti, and type in “issue #__” (fill in the issue number). Or, comment on its Facebook page post.

You’re very welcome to comment privately on a newsletter issue, as many people do! Just email me, or use the Contact me form below.

None of the Above?

You know what to do!