Beginner slide-on bracelet cuffs in four simple ribbed stitches

Crochet Basics, In Depth

The image above shows four simple stitches: half doubles in the back loop (Bhdc), half doubles in the third horizontal loop (Hdc-rib), single crochets in the back loop (Bsc), and slip stitches in the back loop (Bss). From Bling Bam Bangles, a crochet pattern set of stretchy slide-on bracelet cuffs. View full size.

Basic Crochet is a Portal

A beginner of almost any age can complete a lovely and/or practical item with rudimentary materials and a superficial amount of information. Sometimes outsiders perceive crochet as only this.

Crochet is remarkable this way. The basics are so easy to learn that many people lose sight of how vast and versatile it is. In reality, you’ll never come to the end of all that there is to learn and discover about crochet.

When most of us learn how to crochet, we’re launched on a journey of skill building. The path is unique to each of us because it unfolds in response to what we’re inspired to crochet next.

Scroll down for a self-updating list of my crochet tutorials, crochet patterns, and blog posts on the basics of crochet. Bookmark this page! The Beyond Basic Crochet page can be found here.

Crocheters Build Skills in Layers

The unique crochet skill path each of us takes is layered, kind like a spiral. I’ve noticed that crocheters enjoy revisiting basic skills while they acquire new ones. For me, a new crochet skill makes a familiar, basic, mastered skill also seem new.

I hope you’ll find something new or inspiring here whether you’re a new crocheter, or you’re circling back to the basics to go deeper. I’d love to hear from you about it.

Crochet Basics: In-Depth Tutorials

  1. Hook-Led Gauge
  2. Yarn Overs, Yarn Unders
  3. How to Fix Loose Loops of Tall Stitches
  4. How to Block Crochet Five Ways

Crochet Patterns by Skill Level

For Intermediate- and Experienced-level patterns, see the Beyond Basic Crochet page. Note: if a pattern has more than one skill-level tag, it means the pattern includes options or variations that vary in skill level.

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