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Most of the crocheters I know never stop learning about crochet. It can do and be so many things. There are always new experiences for us crocheters to have.

We also learn new things about crochet in an amazing variety of ways, many of them at no or low-cost. Even crochet beginners now have multiple pathways they can take to building crochet skills.

Crochet Skill Levels

The traditional skill levels—Beginner, Easy, Intermediate, Experienced—actually overlap greatly. Crochet is such a big topic that experienced crocheters are still beginners at something.

My experience of crochet skill development is more like a spiral instead of linear stages. After I explore one area of crochet, I often naturally circle back to revisit something considered basic, and learn a finer point about it.

Learning About Crochet at DesigningVashti

I teach and share what I discover about crochet in many kinds of formats. I’m bringing together all of the crochet tutorials and tips I’ve published various places and putting them in the Learn section; just click on a topic in the drop down menu under the “Learn” tab.