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Steeked Tunisian Lace: Class Resources Page

Tunisian simple, knit, and full stitches steeked. Each responds differently.This resource page is for the original 2016 class. In 2018 I expanded the topic to include non-Tunisian stitches too. It’s called Self-Healing Crochet Stitches to Cut and its resource page is here.


Here’s a clickable list of resources for my 2016 national guild Steeked Tunisian Crochet Lace class. You’ll find patterns for designs shown, books mentioned, & articles recommended in class. Also, fashion inspiration for taking this topic in expressive new directions.

Designs & Patterns

Steeked Tunisian Lace Designs by Others

The Fun Fast Fashions Part!

The full title of this class is Steek (Cut) Tunisian Crochet Lace for Fun, Fast Fashions. I felt the need to differentiate this topic from steeking knit fair isle sweaters and other existing reasons for steeks. Three strong fashion trends converge in this 3-hour class: Clean net lace, graphic/linear texture, and fringe. I’ve created a Pinterest board for each trend:

  • To Try with Tunisian Crochet Nets (linear, visually directional fabric grain as design element)
  • Steeks: Ideas These are often simple shapes that become magically wearable and trendy with just a steek or two.
  • Trend: the New Fringe (I thought today’s fringe was a passing fad but it continues to have a lot of mojo! That’s great for us. Many steeked Tunisian lace nets beg to be fringed.) If you cut a steek across several rows, turning that cut edge into fringe is the ideal thing to do with all the ends.
  • Trend: Simple Crochet Mesh Nets It’s a classic fabric with fresh boho looks. It’ll be a long-term trend because it’s also now going urbane-futuristic-techie.

Recommended issues of Vashti’s Crochet Inspirations Newsletter


Books re: Steeked Tunisian Lace?

I could find nothing in books about steeking Tunisian crochet, even though it is so fun, easy, and versatile! (If you know of a source, please leave a comment.) Below are a few books that include some extended stitch patterns.

  • 2000 (1991), Rebecca Jones: Tricot Crochet The Complete Book, Lacis Pubs., Berkeley CA. ISBN 978-1-891656-28-6.
    • Offers three interesting variations of the Tunisian extended stitch net I used for Mesmer: “Open Mesh”, “Josephine Stitch”, and “Point de Chantilly”.
    • The author states, “This makes a very open stitch which grows very quickly. It’s a good stitch to use with a long-fibre mohair for scarfs and stoles.”
  • 2004, Angela “ARNie” Grabowski: Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet, LoneStar Abilene Pubg LLC, TX. ISBN 978-0-974972-55-8
    • The author shows several swatches of extended Tunisian stitches. See pages 34-43.
  • 2004, Carolyn Christmas and Dorris Brooks: 101 Easy Tunisian Stitches, Annies Attic, IN. ISBN 978-1-931171-74-8
  • 2008: Tunisian Crochet Patterns 100, Nihon Amimono Bunka Kyo-kai, Japan ISBN 978-4-529-04484-4
  • 2009, Kim Guzman: Learn to Do Tunisian Lace Stitches, Annie’s Attic, IN. ISBN 978-1-59635-264-3
  • 2014, Kim Guzman: Tunisian Crochet Stitch Guide.

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