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Simple Tunisian Lace Nets: Day 2 of 50

Tunisian extended stitches (Tes) crocheted into each row four different ways (Tefs, Teeks, front post etc)
Four of many simple ways to vary a Tunisian net lace.

Class Handout Progress: Steeking Tunisian Lace

The graphic above completes a section of the Steeking Tunisian Lace class handout. The base stitch is Tunisian Extended Stitch, or Tes. This chameleon-like stitch has other names and many variations (discussed in newsletter #49). It’s versatile, slightly odd, and one of my favorites, so I’m delighted to teach this class topic for the CGOA conference.

These four swatches contrast some of the simplest variations of this Tunisian lace net.

“Teeks” stands for Tunisian knit stitch extended twice. Easier to say than Tkse².

I’m also creating a graphic of fancier variations of these nets for comparison (and inspiration!). Have a look at this ripple variation! And I love these two-color versions.

I plan to pin them to my Pinterest boards like when I swatched and pinned a slew of star stitch variations a few years ago.

2 thoughts on “Simple Tunisian Lace Nets: Day 2 of 50

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