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New Lotus Yarn Colors: Help Us Choose!

On this first day of National Crochet Month we’re fantasizing about more colors of Lotus yarn.

Designingvashti Lotus yarn: 15 colors in 2015Help us choose the next colors of DesigningVashti Lotus yarn and you might be the lucky recipient of 512 yds (two balls or 200 g) of it. That’s enough to crochet many of these patterns, and all of the Ravelry projects that came up in this search.

The existing 15 colors happen to fall into a tidy symmetry: there are 5 pastels, 5 neutrals, and 5 deep gem tones. What to add, oh what to add?

2017 Update: See which FIVE colors we added!

2018 Update: Explore albums of all the Lotus colors!

What do you think our 16th Lotus yarn color should be? (You’re welcome to add a suggestion for #17 and 18 too.) Just mention it in the comments below. A one-word comment is fine. Color is very inspiring, and I’m especially passionate about color right now because I’m reading books by indie yarn dyers. So feel free to add why that color, or what you would crochet with it, or other colors you’d combine with it–whatever comes to mind. We look forward to reading every comment.

The gift recipient will be randomly chosen on March 15, and announced here on this blog that same day. We’ll use a random number generator. Commenting more than once won’t increase your chances. The yarn gift can be mailed free to a US address only.

74 thoughts on “New Lotus Yarn Colors: Help Us Choose!

  1. Deep Jade Green,please.

  2. I would love to see an emerald green and charcoal grey added.

  3. So glad to see yellow in the mix. I think orange should take spot 16.

  4. I’d love to see a deep emerald or forest green to go with Teal Glimmer and Purple Glow, a lavender to go with Crystal Blue and Bamboo Green, and bright mandarin orange because sometimes a girl needs a complete rainbow and peach doesn’t really cut it as orange unless you’re going all pastel.

    1. Mocha
      It’s a beautiful neutral that I think is a great addition to any yarn line. I would look forward to trying your product!

  5. These are great color suggestions, thank you!

  6. I would love to see a self striping rainbow variegated. As for solid colors, I am a fan of the deep jewel tones. An emerald or amethyst would be wonderful.

  7. […] you think our 16th color should be? (You’re welcome to add a suggestion for #17 too.) Visit DesigningVashti’s NatCromo post to enter. Winner will be randomly chosen on March 15, and announced on DesigningVashti that same […]

  8. Would love to see a bright magenta with a glimmer or shine. Also would like to see a white with a metallic silver or gold entwined.

  9. I would like to see a lavender purple, a fuchsia pink, and a deep green. 🙂

  10. I think you should add a forest or emerald green to this beautiful collection.

  11. Persimmon (orange) would be a lovely addition to the color lineup. More shades of green would also be nice (such as an Avocado green).

  12. Emerald


  13. I believe a coral orange would be nice along with charcoal grey.

  14. I would love to see a nice emerald green.

  15. Eggplant or deep gold

  16. Lavender or the Pantone color for 2016 orchid.

  17. Hydrangea,Avocado,Cocoa powder!

  18. Mallard Green or a vibrant orange

  19. I think lavender and amethyst are good.
    But my heart belongs to turquoise.

  20. I would love to see mauve as the next new color.

  21. Aubergine

  22. Deep Emerald (want intensity that matches the purple glow and the sapphire at least) and a Bright Turquoise

  23. Would like to see smoky lavender whisp. Translucent Ethereal jade.

  24. Lavender for sure. I like the emerald green idea as well. You have a lot of cool tones but a honey color might be nice. Something to play well with dark roast

  25. So many inspiring color suggestions! Keep them coming!

  26. sage green


  27. Emerald Green and then a nice tangerine.

  28. #16 Lilac #17 Emerald Green #18 Taupe

  29. Chocolate brown and terracotta orange

  30. I love the true green color from the crayola crayon box. That would be a perfect addition for number 16. Number 17 an eggplant color, and number 18 a mustard color.

  31. #16- a shimmery sage green
    #17- a dandylion yellow, deep with a touch of orange to pop
    #18- a shimmery deep blush almost rose color
    #19- a burnt sienna color for a deep orange
    #20- a purple sapphire for the purple. its truly an elegant color.

  32. I would like to see a dark green.

  33. Hunter Green and a fall Orange- I just love the fall colors.

  34. What a fun opportunity, thanks! Let’s see…the reds and blues both have a nice range of tones. There’s definitely room to round out the greens, purples, oranges, and neutrals.

    #16: Emerald Green: this adds depth to the greens and would add another jewel tone to complement Sapphire, Purple Glow, and Grenadine.

    #17: Lavender (i.e., a cool, light purple): This rounds out the pastels nicely while adding range to the purples.

    #18: Iced Coffee/Pantone 15-1040: Adds range to the browns/neutrals.

    #19: Rich Orange: might be a tough sell, but as someone said above, sometimes you need orange!

    Thanks again!

    1. Thank you for this analysis Liz! Very helpful.

  35. Lilac, orchid, and emerald green would all be nice additions.

  36. Burnt orange, hunter green or dark and shiny gunmetal grey

  37. Deep emerald green

  38. Rich Cream.
    Milk Chocolate.

  39. Bright turquoise.
    Warm Red on the orange-y side rather than on the blue-y side.
    Anything else in warm rather than cool colours.

  40. I’d like to suggest a variegated version: Seashore. You could mix Sapphire, Teal Glimmer, Pearly White, and a lighter version of Dark Roast. Otherwise, for single colors, a dark green (emerald or forest) would be great!

  41. A vivid Grass or Forest green is definitely needed!

  42. I would love to see

    #16 seaglass blue or light aqua
    #17 light mint, a spearmint or a grass green.

    #18 medium raspberry.

  43. A jewel tone green. Charcoal gray.

  44. I’d love a jade green or a really nice soft camel.

  45. charcoal gray; mandarin orange; dark forest green

  46. #16 – a coppery burnt orange, somewhere between dark pumpkin and rust.
    #17 a rich evergreen

  47. Definitely a darker green, like moss or olive green.

  48. The 16th color should definitely be blood orange. Not the Halloween orange or coral orange, but a deep red-orange (orange-red) that is juicy and jeweled. The 17th color should be a nice mid-tone grey. It would be a great addition to the neutrals. Or, I could totally jump on the green bandwagon. Good greens are almost as hard to find as good oranges. That’s my two cents, anyway. Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  49. I think a nice saturated green, rust orange, and pale yellow would be nice additions to the colors already in the collection. Also a variegate would be nice, especially with long color runs.

  50. A A lovely jewel green is needed, like R 25 G 150 B 100.

    A tan of some sort, probably with peachy overtones, would be nice.

    Finally, a variegated lavender.

  51. I would like to see a Padparasha color of orange. Like the orange sapphires. Or a beautiful deep peridot green. Gem stones are always a good reference for beautiful colors for anything, including yarn! Thanks for the opportunity to join your contest!

  52. I’d like to see a burnt sienna or a tangerine orange.

  53. Charcoal gray!

  54. A pumpkin orange would be lovely. And a variegated green with purple.

  55. Lilac or lavender.

  56. I would like to see an emerald green and a tone on tone in blue. Have fun!!

  57. a fall orange to go with Roast brown, and I like the aubergine choice, too.

  58. Please could you add a beautiful deep duck egg blue and also a light stone colour to your range. I think they would both go with all of the colours you have already

  59. I’d like to see aclear (not muted) tones – a nice bright lilac, a darker pink (either hot pink or fuschia), and a dark purple with more red in it.

  60. Looking at the collection as a whole, it seems to call for a bright orange or a kelly green. The existing colors are all beautiful, of course! Thank you for asking us! 🙂

  61. a deep, rich burgundy would be lovely!

  62. Please add a metal color (gold, silver, etc.) for those of us into crocheted jewelry. These would also act as neutrals.

  63. I would love to see a deep dark forest green.
    I loved the grenadine top I made, but ended up giving it to my sister! Guess I’ll have to make another one.

  64. A lovely lavender and elegant eggplant would be delightful!

  65. Silver! I love silver for my accessories–either alone is as a shimmer added to white yarns. Navy and a bolder green would also be lovely.

  66. Lavender, Orange/Coral, Beige/Tan

  67. I always think of the full rainbow when looking at colors, so I think these would be great additions:

    A beautiful orange and emerald green to round out the bright spectrum;

    and a soft lavender to round out the pastel spectrum;

    I would also love to see a darker gray added to the neutrals.

  68. My daughter would love a pale, bubble gum pink and a lilac (light purple). How about a light brown like Cafe au lait?

  69. I keep hoping for more greens, emerald or peridot. Reading through comments, I find I like the idea of a dusky purple.

    Lotus is a wonderful yarn to work with! Thanks for making it!

    Hook on,

  70. Hi everyone,
    Thank you for your comments! I’m getting ready now to announce the winner.

  71. […] you to everyone who entered to win some Lotus yarn by leaving a new color suggestion at the previous blog post. I received a total of 69 unique suggestions. One was by email on the first morning before the […]

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