Rosepuff Shawlette


  • Gift-quality shawl (500 yds) or shawlette (250 yds) and crochet hook size G/6 [4 mm].
  • Wide, shallow, edge-as-you-go triangle that clings to the shoulders!
  • Special rose-like puff clusters and beaded picot edge.

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This shawl (500 yds) and shawlette (250 yds) is a wide, shallow, self-edged triangle that is started in one corner. Simple shaping at the back neck makes it cling to the shoulders.

I created two types of stitches for the beaded edge (an edge increase rosepuff, and a beaded “picot”). Click on a link in the pattern to view a step by step video for them. Video also shows you how to get the triangle shape started in the bottom corner.

The beads, yarn, and row angle all contribute a luscious drape to this special gift worthy piece. I wore mine to a spring wedding and garnered so many compliments!

Skill Level

Advanced Intermediate. This pattern uses mostly regular crochet stitches (puffs and chains) to create a triangle. Starting it in one corner and using a custom stitch to steadily increase at the end of each row adds challenge. So does adding beads to give a picot-like finished edge as each row is completed. A public video tutorial for the gauge swatch is available here. A separate step by step video for starting the actual shawlette can be viewed from within the pattern.

After using this pattern you will know (if you didn’t already):

  1. How to crochet a striking lattice of rosette-like clusters of puff stitches.
  2. How to crochet a wide, fancy lace shawl by starting at the bottom center point.
  3. How to add a curved top edge to a triangular wrap so that it clings to the shoulders.
  4. How to create a finished edge as you complete each row.
  5. How to add beads to enhance a shawl’s drape and decorative edge.


  • Regular crochet hook: Size G/6 {4 mm} or size needed for gauge.
  • Lotus (52% Cotton, 48% Rayon; 256 yds {235 m} per 3.5 oz {100 g} skein): 1 full skein for shawlette, 2 skeins for shawl size; color shown is Grenadine. (Photo album of crochet projects in Grenadine Lotus.)
  • Beads: 410 size 6/0 Miyuki (4 mm) seed beads for one-ball shawlette version (pictured). For two-ball shawl: 570 beads. (You’ll have a few left over.)
  • Notions: Needle for stringing beads onto yarn (I prefer to make my own or use a dental floss threader). Two stitch markers. Scissors. Yarn needle.

Additional information


PDF Download, Video tutorial, Stitch Diagram, Photo Stepout(s)


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