Eilanner Shawl


A Lattice-Edged Tunisian Eyelet Crochet Shawl

  • Features a new Tunisian stitch for the “tattoo-flower” accent and back neck shaping.
  • Several kinds of visual aids, for lefties too.
  • Begins at the bottom center point and increases at both edges with a fancy interlaced lattice border.


Eilanner has been a new experience for me of many things. The flower “tattoo” accent and a row-shaping stitch at the back neck were fun to develop. So was getting fancy with the Return Passes, and experimenting with extended-stitch eyelets.

Eilanner means “islander” in Frisian. The lattice edging of Tunisian Islander, which is crocheted point-to-point along only one edge, inspired me to try it at both ends of each row. The self-edging contrast border widens gradually as the shawl widens.

Skill Level: Experienced

The return passes add an uncommon amount of special features. I also introduce a new stitch! For Eilanner it changes the row height at the back neck during the forward passes. It also makes the “tattoo-flower” eyelets pop.

Another reason for the Experienced rating is its lush built-in border: it starts in seed form at the bottom point and gradually widens. I see this unique Tunisian pattern as containing semi-independent mini-pattern modules within it.

Don’t be deterred! It’s a gradual roll out of pattern changes that happen at a measured pace designed to keep things interesting. I’ve provided a gauge swatch so that you can try the basic stitch pattern without the edging or starting in a corner. (Matching the stated gauge is not necessary.)

Visual aids: two stitch diagrams, and a schematic with signposts like a road map. Stitch close ups for both right- and left-handed crocheters are on the last two print-optional pages. As an advanced-skill Tunisian pattern this has more pattern abbreviations. For your convenience, every other pattern page has a Stitch Guide sidebar.

Either one of Eilanner’s older sister-designs—Tunisian Islander, Neck Latticewould be an ideal stepping stone to this pattern. If the lattice edging seems tricky, start with Shakti Scarfythings, which uses the same stitch but doesn’t include the border.

?After using this pattern, you will know (if you didn’t already):

  • How to start a lacy self-edged Tunisian triangle shawl at the bottom point and end at the top edge.
  • How to add a striking lattice border of tall, interlaced Tunisian crochet sts along both edges.
  • How to crochet netlike eyelets with simple extended stitches.
  • How to crochet a promising new Tunisian stitch!
  • How to use the Return Pass for lacy effects.
  • How to create a fancy “tattoo flower” detail.
  • How to add Back Neck shaping by changing row heights.

Finished Dimensions

Finished Size of Triangular Shawl (pictured): About 65″ {165.1 cm} wide from point to point and 25″ {63.5 cm} long at deepest point of triangle.


Hooks Straight or Flexible Tunisian crochet hook at least 19″ {48.3 cm} long: Size I/9 {5.5 mm} or size needed to match gauge. I used a set of interchangeable hooks to increase the cable length as needed. Regular crochet hook of the same size (used for border).

Yarn Used Newton Yarn Tencel Linen (75% tencel, 25% linen; 1450 yd [1326 m]/16 oz [454 g]; CYC #2): 625 yds. It’s listed as #3 DK weight but it’s closer to #1 Fingering. The final ropy Z-twist gives it a lovely surface but my tests suggest that it adds a strong bias to this pattern. If you’re crocheting right-handed, I recommend a yarn with a final S-twist for a weak bias that blocks out, especially a blend with drape, such as merino or alpaca with rayon. (Fine wool-blend yarns tend to have a final S-twist.) The blue Bijou Spun Llasa Wilderness swatch pictured below is great! It’s a #2 sport weight blend of 75% yak, 25% rayon.

Any yarn thickness will work; simply use a larger crochet hook size for a thicker yarn and test with the Gauge Swatch.

Notions 3 stitch markers that will fit easily around the Tunisian hook. Yarn needle for weaving ends.

Additional information


Original or Rediscovered Stitch, Photo Stepout(s)


Lacy Tunisian Crochet, Start in One Corner


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