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This deluxe booklet-sized crochet pattern includes all of the information you need to enjoy crocheting and wearing one of twelve sizes of Spirals:

  • Booklet-sized pattern has detailed instructions straight from the designer.
  • Expert tips for yarn substitutions within a CYC #2 and #3 range.
  • High quality stitch diagrams.
  • Interior shaping and how to get the perfect fit.
  • The 12 sizes (XS through 4X) include tunic and dress length options.

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Message from Doris Chan about the seamless Spirals Crochet Top:

Thank you for your interest in this pattern. DJC Designs is a new voyage for me; an exciting opportunity to boldly go where I have not gone before as well as an excellent excuse to re-examine where I have been and do it better. How many designers get that chance?

Of all my top-down garment designs, this is the one toward which I would steer crocheters who are new to wearable crochet because it is less complicated than my usual MO, with a forgiving fit that is easily altered and allows for fixes after the fact. For the experienced crocheter, DJC: Spirals offers a quick to crochet, fun way to use different yarns or experiment with body shaping and style variations. Most of all, this eye-catching top is a joy to wear. I hope you will make one for yourself right away.

I first encountered spiraling stitch patterns as the centers of traditional thread crochet doilies. It’s fascinating to me how the swirls begin from a center point, then expand outwards in ever widening arms that wrap dizzily around. Spirals appeal to me so much that I have incorporated them in quite a number of my garment designs. One in particular, Sophisticated Swirls, published in Crochet! Magazine, July 2006, and now out of print, has continued to draw interest from crocheters. The rights to that design, the written pattern and finished samples do not belong to me.

What I do here is revisit the concept of the spiral stitch top. Finally, in self-published download land I can now say all that I ever wanted to say before but couldn’t, with fresh samples in some of my favorite yarns, detailed and revised instructions, tips for yarn substitutions, interior shaping and getting your perfect fit, awesome stitch diagrams and expanded sizing that now covers the range from XS through 4X with 12 sizes.

The top itself is quite simple, totally seamless and doable by anyone with solid basic crochet skills.

Please feel free to contact me through this site with your comments and suggestions, and show me your finished objects. Subscribe to the Designing Vashti Newsletter to get the latest about DJC Designs. You can also find me lurking at and on my blog, Everyday Crochet. Enjoy!

Additional information


PDF Download, Skill Builder, Has Plus Sizes, Stitch Diagram, Pattern Schematic


Crocheted in Rounds from the Top


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