Dichroic Pendant Cords


  • A simple, easy, quick necklace to crochet.
  • Use your prettiest seed beads and any crochet thread you have on hand.
  • Tested with these thread weights: #3, #5, #10, #20, #30 (a.k.a. CYC #2, #1, and #0 yarn weights).
  • A versatile way to wear interchangeable dichroic glass pendants.

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As the name indicates, this design was originally intended as a versatile way to wear interchangeable dichroic glass pendants.

After crocheting these in a range of five different thread sizes and colors and beads, I now think a pendant is purely optional. These cords are beautiful alone, draped in different ways around the neck: single layer, knotted lariat, double strand, twisted doubled-up strand, decorative clasp as accent, or wound around the wrist as a bracelet.

The original version in black is my most-used and most-noticed necklace. Dichroic glass looks fantastic with black, and crocheted black thread stays looking new for a very long time.

The five thread sizes included in this pattern, from thickest to thinnest:
#3 (a.k.a. “sport weight;” shown in light green with large bottle glass beads)
#5 (a.k.a. “fingering weight;” shown in black, also denim blue & multiolor beads)
#10 (a.k.a. “bedspread weight;” shown in pink thread with clear iridescent E beads; also in black with pink Swarovski crystals)
#20 (shown in olive green with faceted green beads)
#30 (shown in white with clear iridescent seed beads)

Based on my experiments with these sizes, I’ve developed a variation of the main pattern that looks best for the largest and the smallest thread sizes (it’s included in this pattern).

Skill Level

Easy. Pattern is written with a limited amount of abbreviations. International English equivalents to American measurements, thread weights, and stitch terms are provided in brackets below.

Finished Dimensions

Length is fully customizable: you simply stop when the cord is the length you prefer, then add the clasp and you’re done. Pictured cords range from the light green #3 thread necklace at 21 inches (53 cm) to the pink #10 thread with clear beads in the most versatile length, 42 inches (107 cm) long. A bracelet length is mentioned in bead amounts for size #20 and #30 threads. This length is 13.5 to 14 inches (34-35.5 cm), wrapped twice around the wrist and then clasped.

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