Aran Rozsana


  • Crochet basic stitches and gem-tone colors for fine-grained
  • Color-layered jewelry without beads or metalwork.
  • Slim beaded 2-color bracelet or a wider, unbeaded 4-color wrist cuff.
  • Matching ‘boho’ finger cuff.

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Crochet basic stitches with gem-tone colors and you get fine-grained color-layered jewelry even without beads or metalwork. Choose options within the pattern for a slim beaded 2-color bracelet, a wider, unbeaded 4-color wrist cuff, and a matching ‘boho’ finger cuff.

The 4-color version makes the most of colorful yarn scraps because this flexible pattern includes options for using the yarn weight of your choice: #1 Super Fine/fingering weight {UK & AUS 3 Ply or 4 Ply}, #2 Fine/sport weight {UK Light DK, AUS 5 Ply}, or #4 Medium/worsted weight {UK Aran}. Helpful tips and color “maps” are provided at the end of the pattern for planning your color combinations row by row.

These stitch textures are traditionally used for aran-style crochet. Add high-contrast, saturated color choices and this 100% fiber jewelry acquires an embroidered folky bohemian look. Even the clasp is crocheted, unless you opt to sew on a button.

International English equivalents to American measurements, yarn weights, and stitch terms are provided in brackets.

Skill Level

Easy. Pattern is written with a limited amount of abbreviations. After using this pattern you will know (if you didn’t already):

  • How to crochet a flat rectangle in rounds instead of rows
  • How to do the Long Single Crochet
  • How to crochet a simple aran-style “mock cable” for a bead-free alternative
  • A jewelry crocheter’s perspective on the single crochet stitch (see Color Planning Tips at end of pattern)
  • A way to crochet-as-you-go a functional metal-free clasp

Finished Dimensions

Pattern includes instructions for customizing the length.

  1. Four-color Wrist Cuff (no beads) is 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) long.
  2. Four-color Finger Cuff (no beads) is 2.75 inches (7 cm) long.
  3. Two-color Beaded Bracelet is 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) long.

The width of the four-color cuffs depends upon the yarn weight used:

  1. The #1 SuperFine/fingering weight {UK & AUS 3 Ply or 4 Ply} version: 1.25 inches (3.25cm)
  2. The #2 Fine/sport weight {UK Light DK, AUS 5 Ply} version: 1.5 inches (4 cm) wide.
  3. The #4 Medium/worsted weight {UK Aran} version: 2.25 inches (5.5 cm) wide.

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Crocheted in Rounds, For a Range of Yarns


PDF Download, Set: 2 or More Patterns


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