Burly Bias


  • Best next step for Tunisian crochet beginners! It’s based on Vashti’s introductory class content on diagonal Tunisian crochet techniques, and is designed to be the next step after the popular Burly Scarf pattern.
  • Features clear photo step-outs and schematics. Includes a special set of images for left handed crocheters. Pattern abbreviation use is minimal, and introduced slowly.
  • Pattern works with any yarn type and amount. Mix yarns for exciting stripes! Choose the dimensions as you go: one skein project, two skeins, or more. Start with a variegated chunky yarn and an L (8 mm) Tunisian crochet hook that is 9″ long.
  • Explains creative finishing options such as: loop scarf with diagonal seams, classic rectangular scarf with straight ends, star-seamed asymmetrical neck warmer, and a skinny scarf/tie with a pointed end.


First Steps in Diagonal Tunisian Crochet

Tunisian crochet stitches have built-in dynamic energy. Wake them up by setting them on an angle!

Burly Bias takes Burly, a popular pattern for beginners, in a fresh direction. Like Burly, its chunky stitch texture makes a great men’s scarf, and beginners see results faster with big stitches. 

Choose from three exciting color play options and five finished scarf shapes. All use beginner-level shaping only. Angled crocheting is so versatile.

“Burly Self-Striper” is a one-ball asymmetrical neck warmer with a star stitch seam. “Tri-Color Burly” skinny scarf-tie alternates three attached colors. For the “Burly Fibonacci” classic rectangular scarf, two contrasting yarns alternate in a mirrored sequence of stripes.

Start with a ball of a chunky self-striping or other variegated yarn. Thanks to a handy discovery about the foundation row, you can decide later how you’ll finish yours: straight or slanted ends? Seamed into a cowl or loop scarf?

Skill Level: Tunisian Advanced Beginner

This diagonal version of the original Burly scarf adds simple increasing and decreasing to a Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS) pattern. It drapes evenly and has a nicely finished edge.

Tunisian rows tend to lean toward the starting edge of the forward passes. (This is the right edge of the scarf if you’re crocheting it right-handed). Burly Bias goes with this lean to keep it easy: you’ll only increase at the start of forward passes. A clever trick makes it possible to appear to have increased at the other end! 

After this pattern, learn different ways to increase at the ends of forward passes, instead of decreasing, with Four PeaksWarm Aeroette, and the free Symmetrical Diamonds 101.

After using this pattern, you will know (if you didn’t already)

  • How to finish each slanted scarf end with a polished straight edge.
  • How to turn a long parallelogram into a cowl, asymmetrical neck warmer, loop scarf, rectangular scarf, or wrap.
  • How to crochet the Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS) in offset rows.
  • How to crochet on both sides of the foundation edge, invisibly.
  • How to seam diagonal edges two ways for different shapes.
  • How to do three-color Tunisian on the diagonal, and add stripes in a Fibonacci sequence. 

Finished Dimensions

The two-ball “Burly Fibonacci” (black rectangular scarf) is approximately 48″ x 7.25″ {121.9 x 18.4 cm}. As a ring scarf seamed diagonally, it has a 38″ circumference {96.5 x 18.4 cm}. 

The one-ball “Burly Self-Striper” (pastel asymmetrical neck warmer) has a 23″ circumference widening to 33″ at the shoulders x 7″ at the back neck {58.4 to 83.8 x 17.8 cm}.

“Tri-Color Burly” (skinny scarf-tie in sport weight yarn) is approx. 68″ long and 3.5″ wide {172.7 x 8.9 cm}, based on three mini 85-yd. “Lotus Snack” balls.


Straight or Flexible Tunisian crochet hook at least 9″ {22.9 cm} long: Size L/11 {8 mm} or size needed for the chunky yarn projects. I used a size I/9 {5.5 mm} regular crochet hook for the Tri-Color Burly (skinny scarf-tie).

Notions: A stitch marker. Scissors. Yarn needle. Small scale (optional). 

Chunky Yarn used for Asymmetrical Neck Warmer

Universal Yarn Deluxe Chunky LP (100% Wool; 120 yds/109.7 m per 3.5 oz/100 g skein): 1 skein for a cowl size; color shown is Elegant Baby.

Chunky Yarn used for Rectangular Scarf

Color A: Berroco Borealis™ (60% Acrylic, 40% Wool; 108 yds/100 m per 3.5 oz/100 g skein): 1 full skein, color shown is #5011.

Color B: Lion Brand Kool Wool (50% Acrylic, 50% Merino; 60 yds/55 m per 1.75 oz/50 g skein): 2 full skeins, color shown is #153 Black.

To Substitute a Chunky Yarn

The chunky yarns I used have been discontinued. Most variegated colorways will work great, especially if they have longer color sequences (a.k.a. “self-striping”). Choose a #5 Bulky Weight yarn or one with a recommended crochet hook size range of K/10.5 {6.5 mm} to US M/12 {9 mm}. Some #6 Super Bulky yarns will work too.

Thinner Yarn used for Skinny Scarf-Tie

Designing Vashti Lotus Snack (52% Cotton, 48% Rayon; 85 yds/77.7 m per 1.16 oz/33 g per ball): 1 ball each of Emerald Deep, Teal Glimmer, Sapphire. (This is a standard #2 Light/sport weight yarn, usually paired with a crochet hook size range of E/4 {3.5 mm} to G/7 {4.5 mm}. Besides being much thinner than the chunky yarn examples, it also drapes more because of the summery fiber content.)

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Premium Item, Set: 2 or More Patterns, Has Crochet Class Content


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