Tulip Etimo ROSE Crochet Hook by Size


  • The Etimo crochet hook that won our hearts (Doris and Vashti) at the needle arts trade show in 2010.
  • Pretty pink edition!
  • Tulip Etimo is the original elastomeric handle and still the best.

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“ETIMO” refers to the special type of crochet hook handle. All “Etimo” hooks feature Tulip’s signature elastomeric cushion grip. A gold aluminum hook with grey handle was the original Etimo model. Since then, the Tulip Needle Company has added this Rose version (sweet pink colors replace the gold and grey). Scroll down to see more crochet hooks with the signature Etimo grip.

THIS IS THE CROCHET HOOK that won our hearts the first time we (Doris and Vashti) held one at the National Needle Arts trade show in 2010. This was the first show booth in the USA for the Tulip Needle Co. of Hiroshima, Japan.

Since then, many have copied Tulip’s exciting crochet hook. Tulip’s elastomeric handles are the original and still the best! Some imitations feel sticky, plastic-y, or smell like rubber tires.

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2mm-steel-crochet-hook, 2-20mm-b-crochet-hook, 2-50mm-c-crochet-hook, 3mm-d-crochet-hook, 3-50mm-e-crochet-hook, 4-00mm-g6-crochet-hook, 4-50mm-g7-crochet-hook, 5mm-h-crochet-hook, 5-50mm-i-crochet-hook, 6mm-j-crochet-hook, 6-50mm-k-crochet-hook


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