Bamboo Circular Double-Ended Hooks


  • 100% Moso bamboo (the strongest bamboo).
  • Hook size is permanently laser imprinted.
  • Swivel joins are made of nickel-plated copper, securely glued and crimped.
  • Pliable nylon cables.
  • Shipping is FREE to USA addresses.

More details below.


Why These Crochet Hooks?

ChiaoGoo carves these hooks from the strongest bamboo of all, Moso. Moso has the tensile strength of steel.

ChiaoGoo is a Michigan-based family-owned company. They import these crochet hooks from China. This family has cheerfully sponsored my crochet classes for years.

We carry these flexible double-ended afghan crochet hooks in two lengths: 16″ and  24″. Choose the size and length from the drop down list. (Looking for even longer ones? See the new set of interchangeables.)

Free shipping to USA addresses makes this a good value!

About Double-Ended Crochet

Use double-ended circular hooks for a fun variation of Tunisian crochet. Double-Ended crochet involves using two different balls of yarn, and turning at the end of the row. Cro-Hook, Crochenit, Cro-knitting, and Crochet on the Double™ are other names for this technique.

Our Mesmer Veils pattern is unique among double-ended crochet designs!

Additional information


3-50mm-e-crochet-hook, 24" long (61 mm), 3-50mm-e-crochet-hook, 16" long (40.6 mm), 3-75mm-f-crochet-hook, 16" long (40.6 mm), 4-00mm-g6-crochet-hook, 16" long (40.6 mm), 5mm-h-crochet-hook, 16" long (40.6 mm), 5-50mm-i-crochet-hook, 16" long (40.6 mm), 6mm-j-crochet-hook, 16" long (40.6 mm), 6-50mm-k-crochet-hook, 16" long (40.6 mm), 8mm-l-crochet-hook, 16" long (40.6 mm), 9mm-m-crochet-hook, 16" long (40.6 mm), 10mm-n-crochet-hook, 16" long (40.6 mm), 11-50mm-p-crochet-hook, 16" long (40.6 mm), 3-75mm-f-crochet-hook, 24" long (61 mm), 4-00mm-g6-crochet-hook, 24" long (61 mm), 5mm-h-crochet-hook, 24" long (61 mm), 5-50mm-i-crochet-hook, 24" long (61 mm), 6mm-j-crochet-hook, 24" long (61 mm), 6-50mm-k-crochet-hook, 24" long (61 mm), 9mm-m-crochet-hook, 24" long (61 mm), 8mm-l-crochet-hook, 24" long (61 mm), 10mm-n-crochet-hook, 24" long (61 mm), 11-50mm-p-crochet-hook, 24" long (61 mm)


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