Bamboo Circular Double-Ended Hooks


  • 100% Moso bamboo (the strongest bamboo).
  • Hook size is permanently laser imprinted.
  • Swivel joins are made of nickel-plated copper, securely glued and crimped.
  • Pliable nylon cables.
  • Shipping is FREE to USA addresses.

More details below.



Why These Crochet Hooks?

ChiaoGoo hooks are carved from the strongest bamboo of all, Moso: it has the tensile strength of steel. They’re imported from China by a family-owned company in Michigan. ChiaoGoo has cheerfully sponsored my crochet classes for years.

We carry these flexible double-ended afghan crochet hooks in two lengths: 16″ and  24″. (Looking for even longer ones? Please drop us a note:, thanks!)

The free shipping makes this a good price on these crochet hooks by ChiaoGoo.

About Double-Ended Crochet

Double-ended circular hooks are used for a fun variation of Tunisian crochet. It involves using two different balls of yarn, and turning at the end of the row. It’s known as Double-Ended Crochet, Cro-Hook, Crochenit, Cro-knitting, and Crochet on the Double™.

Among double-ended crochet designs, our Mesmer Veils is unique!

Additional information


3-50mm-e-crochet-hook, 24" long (61 mm), 3-50mm-e-crochet-hook, 16" long (40.6 mm), 3-75mm-f-crochet-hook, 16" long (40.6 mm), 4-00mm-g6-crochet-hook, 16" long (40.6 mm), 5mm-h-crochet-hook, 16" long (40.6 mm), 5-50mm-i-crochet-hook, 16" long (40.6 mm), 6mm-j-crochet-hook, 16" long (40.6 mm), 6-50mm-k-crochet-hook, 16" long (40.6 mm), 8mm-l-crochet-hook, 16" long (40.6 mm), 9mm-m-crochet-hook, 16" long (40.6 mm), 10mm-n-crochet-hook, 16" long (40.6 mm), 11-50mm-p-crochet-hook, 16" long (40.6 mm), 3-75mm-f-crochet-hook, 24" long (61 mm), 4-00mm-g6-crochet-hook, 24" long (61 mm), 5mm-h-crochet-hook, 24" long (61 mm), 5-50mm-i-crochet-hook, 24" long (61 mm), 6mm-j-crochet-hook, 24" long (61 mm), 6-50mm-k-crochet-hook, 24" long (61 mm), 9mm-m-crochet-hook, 24" long (61 mm), 8mm-l-crochet-hook, 24" long (61 mm), 10mm-n-crochet-hook, 24" long (61 mm), 11-50mm-p-crochet-hook, 24" long (61 mm)


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