Crochet Hooks: Fill-in Sizes


  • 7 mm hook size bridges gap between 6.5mm (K) and 8 mm (L).
  • 4.5 mm (G7) Tunisian hook size is less common than 4 mm (G6) and 5 mm (H) sizes.
  • The 11″ Tunisian hook length fills gap between our 9″ and 13″ lengths.

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All crochet hook sizes are not equal—equally available, that is. Crochet hook sizing standards vary a bit among countries and brands. For example, in the US the standard girth of a K hook is 6.5 mm. In other countries the standard may be 7 mm instead. The next larger hook, size L, is 8 mm, so there’s quite a gap between our standard American K (6.5 mm) and L (8 mm) sizes.

The Size Gap: From K (6.5 mm) to L (8 mm)

Why does this gap matter? The 6.5 mm hook size is often great with yarn that has a novelty texture. It’s also great when you want to use a standard medium weight yarn (a.k.a. “afghan yarn”) for slip stitch crochet, and other stitch types that really shine with a looser gauge. Sometimes the 6.5 mm size is sometimes not quite big enough, but an L/8 mm is just too big.

The Size G-7 Gap Filler

Some US sizes like the G-7 (4.5 mm) can be surprisingly hard to find as Tunisian and double-ended hooks.

We’re fortunate to be able to offer these lesser-common hook sizes.

  • Straight Tunisian 4.5 mm 11″ (28 cm) long by Addi of Germany. It’s made of aluminum and has a red heart shaped stopper.
  • Straight Tunisian 7 mm hook 11″ (28 cm) long by Addi of Germany. It’s made of clear acrylic with gold glitter with a numbered knob on the end. This 11″ length is halfway between the 9″ and 13″ Tunisian bamboo hooks we have in the 6.5 mm size.
  • Regular 7 mm crochet hook, 6″ (15.2 cm) long by Clover of Japan. It’s polished plastic with a bright yellow rubbery suede-touch plastic handle. We have the 6.5 mm regular crochet hooks in bamboo here. See all of our single crochet hooks here.

Elsewhere in the shop we have other US standard 6.5 mm regular hooks: Tulip gold Etimo, Tulip Rose aluminum, and ChiaoGoo bamboo.

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4-50mm-g7-crochet-hook, 11" (28 mm), 7mm-kl-crochet-hook, 6" (15.2 mm), 7mm-kl-crochet-hook, 11" (28 mm)


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