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Designing Vashti Show Booth: It Was So Fun!

See gallery below. Here’s what July was all about: planning for my first Designing Vashti show booth. Then building it. Then meeting lots of people! Then breaking it down.

My regular blogging, newslettering, and crochet designing resumes as soon as I finish recovering from that big adventure!

Click each photo for full view.

The Event:

The Knit and Crochet Show (a.k.a. the annual Chain Link Conference of the Crochet Guild of America/CGOA), July 22–25 2015. This year in was in San Diego CA.

Want to know about the 2016 show? July 13–16 in Charleston, South Carolina. Why YES, I’ll be there!! So will the DesigningVashti booth!

For more information: CGOA website or the Knit and Crochet Show site.

What are your thoughts?

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