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The oddly specific $2.33 amount includes 33¢ in finance fees. This way, a real $2 goes toward the newsletter costs.

If a fraction of subscribers donated a mere $2 a year, it would significantly offset the yearly cost of producing Vashti’s Crochet Inspirations Newsletter. It’s remarkable what $2 can do!

To contribute more than $2.00, select a different increment. Create your own amount by adding multiples to your cart. For example, contribute $10 by adding the $5 option to your cart twice.

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Twelve issues of Vashti’s Crochet Inspirations Newsletter costs up to about $2000 a year to produce if you factor in a basic living wage and the value of product creation it displaces.

To be perfectly frank, it’s likely that I’d continue to produce this newsletter out of my pocket, like I have been for years. It’s a classic “labor of love”. It’s so rewarding and meaningful for me that I would miss the discoveries and the sharing if I stopped. (I don’t think saving myself the $3000 would make up for it enough.)

The amount has sometimes been a burden, and the costs do creep higher. If I were a subscriber of this newsletter, I would want to know how I could help. I’d also like knowing that $2 can still do a lot.

Any amount of help is so appreciated!

Thank you,


If a fraction of subscribers donated a mere $2 a year, it would completely eliminate the production costs. It’s remarkable what $2 can do!

The $2.33 amount is so that the 33¢ offsets finance fees. ($2.00 is the actual amount that goes toward the newsletter production costs).

You’re very welcome to donate more than $2, just select a different increment.

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