Parakeet Perch Swing


Jelly Yarn(tm) is crocheted tightly around a metal ring. A quick, clever, easy, and durable toy, sure to put stars in your pet’s eyes when offered during supervised play.

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This project is an easy design for a beginner crocheter. I hope you find crocheting with the unique Jelly Yarn® as enjoyable as I do, once you get the hang of it.

I hope this project brings as much joy to your young parakeets as it did with Chuck & Cookie. Pet birds need mental and physical exercise, and a variety of toys for their well-being, as long as they are not left unsupervised. Until my birds grew too old for it, this Perch Swing was their favorite. It also helped them settle in with us as their new family.

Pattern includes instructions to crochet a convenient tether for hanging the Perch Swing in different types of locations.

Finished Dimensions

Diameter is 7.5 inches/19cm. Hanging tether, worked separately and then clipped on, can be made in any length. The project pictured hangs 30 inches /76cm. from ceiling.


Crochet Hook: Size K/11/6.5mm, aluminum is best for this yarn; I find that a Boye-type hook grabs the Jelly Yarn better. I blogged more Jelly Yarn crochet tips here.
Yarn: 1 ball Bulky wt. Jelly Yarn® (65yds/60m, 240g).
Hand cream, Vinylex, or other silicone-based material for helping hook to glide (see blog post.)
Metal Craft Ring: 7”/18cm diameter ring such as by the Tandy Corp.
Yarn needle
Metal fastening clips with split rings (or other large rings), two of any type, optional
Metal bells: 4 large (.75”/2cm or larger), optional;
Super glue, optional


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