Antoinette Sparkle-Scarf


  • Last-minute gift (about 2 hours)
  • Shows off a special yarn—just one ball
  • Familiar filet crochet stitches: trebles, triple trebles
  • Exact gauge not very important.

More details below.


The Antoinette filet crochet scarf is designed for instant gratification with one skein of a sparkly special-occasion fashion yarn. Its familiar filet stitch pattern uses taller stitches for a speedy and elongated crochet lace. See Cantina for a beaded variation on this design, and see Emdash for a full-width double-flounced version.

Depending on the yarn, a last-minute gift of Antoinette would take about two hours to crochet. This scarf works with a variety of yarn amounts and textures because it’s easy to adapt the pattern to the amount of yarn you have on hand.

Matching the exact gauge listed in this pattern (see “Gauge” section, below) is not very important for this project. The pattern will work with a variety of yarn amounts and textures.

Each scarf will be as unique as the crocheter and the yarn used. This is because I designed this scarf to be a fun way to use yarn from your stash. I just kept adding rows until I ran out of yarn, so the finished dimensions of each scarf will vary with the amount of yarn used by each crocheter.

Skill Level

Easy. Antoinette combines treble crochet stitches {UK: double trebles} for the main part of the scarf and finishes with a small amount of triple treble crochet stitches {UK: quadruple trebles}. International English equivalents for American measurements, yarn weights, and stitch terms are in brackets {}.

After using this pattern you will know (if you didn’t already):

  • How to create a versatile and special lace scarf with traditional crochet
  • How to do the Triple Treble Stitch {UK: Quadruple Treble}
  • How to evaluate novelty yarns for this scarf

Finished Dimensions

  • Full-length Scarf: approximately 3.25″ wide x 64″ long {8.5 cm x 163 cm}.
  • Half-length Neckscarf: approximately 36″ {91 cm}.


  • Crochet Hook: Size I/9/5.5mm hook.
  • Recommended if you’re new to crocheting novelty yarns: 2 stitch markers (until you can recognize the last stitch of each row). 
  • Pictured yarn: Schulana Kid-Paillettes (42% kid mohair, 40% polyester, 18% silk; 136yd/125m per 0.875oz/25g): 1 skein of color #310.

Substituting a yarn: The ideal yarns for this project look festive while having an overall smooth texture and a limp drape.

Additional information


PDF Download, Great for Beginners, Stitch Diagram


Fancy Filet Crochet, For a Range of Yarns


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