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All Free Crochet Patterns by Vashti Braha

Directory of My Free Crochet Patterns

Bookmark this page! It contains self-updating links to my future free crochet stuff too. After the three self-updating links below is a gallery of clickable photos of each free crochet pattern that’s available as of today (April 19 2016).

Three Self-Updating Links to All Free Crochet Stuff by Vashti

Self-Updating Link #1: This shortcut link tells Ravelry to display only my crochet patterns that are free. I have over 100 crochet patterns in Ravelry and I add at least one new one each month. If I publish a new free crochet pattern on this blog, I also add it to Ravelry.

Self-Updating Link #2: This link tells this blog to display all the posts that I’ve tagged with “free pattern.”

Self-Updating Link #3: This goes to my list of the 20 most recently published issues of Vashti’s Crochet Inspirations Newsletter. Occasionally I put a free crochet pattern right into an issue. In fact, I originally expected to put free crochet patterns in most issues, but I discovered the hard way how limited a newsletter is for full pattern instructions. (For example, space is very limited, and there’s no way to update an issue if errors are found. It’s also not searchable, so Google can’t find it for you.) Each newsletter offers other kinds of information for free that you either won’t find anywhere else, or that you usually have to buy a book or pattern to get.

Please note that I do not own the rights to some of the older free crochet designs. Even though I wrote the original pattern, the company that bought all rights to it then edits it. These companies are the best equipped to deal with questions about their versions of the patterns. Thank you for your understanding.

Clickable Gallery of Vashti’s Free Crochet Patterns

Under construction (and may end up being too much work…!)

Clicking an image will [hopefully…(once tested)] take you to another page of this blog with more information about the pattern, and a direct link to download the pattern. It’s not to make you jump through hoops. It’s just how my blog template deals with clickable images.

This [incomplete!] gallery is current as of April 30, 2016. For my newer free crochet stuff, use the self-updating links above. Over time, some of the older free crochet patterns in this gallery might develop a broken link that is out of my control. If you try to download a pattern in this gallery and it doesn’t work, let me know so that I can update the link.

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