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Double Strand Crochet: Oh, The Overflow

I found too many double strand crochet images to show in issue #63 of my newsletter!

The topic is crocheting with two (or more) strands of yarn held together. Here’s a gallery of my double strand crochet projects and designs over the years:

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3 thoughts on “Double Strand Crochet: Oh, The Overflow

  1. I often use machine knitting yarn on cones for hand crochet and knitting. to make it thicker I make a loop in the start of the yarn pull through a loop and pull it until it is very long and drop it down so that along with the strand coming from the cone it makes 3 strands when you look like you are running out you just pull another long loop through the loop and drop it again to make 3 strand. I think is called Navaho knitting.

    1. I’ve never tried that. Sounds interesting, thanks! I’m going to go see what it looks like in Pinterest and maybe add some pins to my new double-stranding board.

  2. […] see the newsletter issue that launched it, “Fun With Double Stranding.” Then see the gallery of overflow images I blogged here […]

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