OneFellSwoop Mitts


  • Extra stretchy 100% slip stitch mitts.
  • “OneFellSwoop” means everything is worked as you go.

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These stretchy, 100% ‘Bosnian’ slip stitch mitts hug the hands like those “Isotoners” my Mom used to wear. The  snug fit is due partly to the slip stitch fabric and partly to the elastic content of the sock yarn.

I call them “OneFellSwoop” because everything is worked as you go, including the hole for the thumb. The last slip stitch row is also the seam. The only stitches used are chains and slip stitches. No edging is necessary.

When older kids try these on they say, “Hey, cool! I like how these feel.” And then they get back to texting and forget to take them off.

Skill Level

If I used the standard industry guidelines to list the Skill Level, this pattern would be rated Easy, even Advanced Beginner, because it uses a beginner’s stitch (slip stitch) and there’s zero shaping. Also, the pattern uses no abbreviations.

After teaching slip stitch crochet classes, I’ve learned that the crocheter needs to be ready to have more control over his/her natural stitch gauge. A hook-led gauge might be an intermediate skill for some. It’s important crocheting some kinds of lace and advanced projects although it’s not listed in any of the standard skill level descriptions. Every crocheter’s fine motor coordination is different, so you might find this pattern to be Easy.

After using this pattern you will know (if you didn’t already):

  • How to create a fashion fabric with slip stitches
  • An easy way to create super-stretchy crochet
  • How your own natural gauge (“the crocheter’s hand”) compares to standard gauges
  • How to “crochet with spaghetti”—that’s how it might feel to use a big crochet hook with this super-stretchy yarn!

Finished Dimensions

  • Unstretched: 2.75 inches/7 cm across and 8 inches/20.5 cm long.
  • Stretches as wide as about 7.5 inches/19 cm and as long as about 14 inches/35.5 cm.
  • With cuff folded at wrist (as shown): about 6.5 inches/16.5 cm long

For more adventurous crocheters, this is a “design-your-own” easy-to-customize pattern: change the size of the thumb hole; how much the mitt cover the wrist and arm; how snug they are; even change how much it covers the fingers. (All of these options are addressed in the pattern for those who wish to try them.)


Crochet Hook: Size US-11 (L or 8 mm).

Yarn used:’s Esprit (98.3% Cotton, 1.7% Elastic, 186 yds/170 m per 1.75 oz/50 g ball), color #3794, 1 skein.
This yarn appears to be identical to Cascade’s Fixation, a widely available yarn found in yarn shops; I often find it shelved with sock yarns; however, I find that it crochets up thicker and stiffer than other sock yarns.

Additional information


PDF Download, No Shaping, Great for Beginners


Slip Stitch Crochet


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