Frostyflakes Scarf/Wrap

Frostyflakes Wrap styled 5 ways in 5 different yarns

A great crochet pattern for using one skein of a nice yarn to make a quick and stylish gift, or to use up any amount of yarn in your stash. Choose a yarn from the finest lace weight to a light worsted weight, and any crochet hook from C/2.75mm to H/5mm. This wide, shallow triangular shape drapes beautifully as a scarf, neck wrap, or shawl. The corner-start (point to point) construction means that the rows are worked vertically, from side to side, and the edging is completed as you go. This means a lot of freedom to use any amount of yarn on hand.

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I blogged a gallery for this CAL.

The stitch pattern is reversible and is primarily double crochets (a stitch that works up very quickly for many crocheters). This design is great for just jumping in and starting with any yarn on hand, then seeing how it takes shape as you go. I reach for this project when watching TV, listening to audiobooks, or waiting for someone. Embellishing the edging with beads is optional and is worked as you go.

Stitch diagram included, along with tips and clickable links to online help.
Crochet pattern is written with a minimal amount of abbreviations and includes metric equivalents, and UK terminology for yarn weights.

After using this pattern you will know (if you didn’t already):

  • How to create a triangular wrap from one side corner
  • How to predict yarn amount needed and final size of wrap, so you can use any yarn
  • The delightful convenience of crocheting the edging as you go
  • How to crochet with beads for the as-you-go edging without pre-stringing them

Finished Dimensions

It’s easy to make your Frostyflakes longer or shorter, based upon the amount of yarn you have. Pattern includes instructions for customizing the size and predicting total yarn amount needed. Yarn amounts for finished dimensions are approximate, because yarns in the same weight category can give different results.


#0 Lace weight {UK & AUS 1 Ply & 2 Ply}
Red beaded “Holly” version (pictured in pattern) is 48 inches/122cm wide, 10 inches/25.5cm at deepest center point, using almost 35g (approx. 300yds/270m) of one 50g skein.
White beaded cashmere “Snow” version (pictured here) is 63 inches/160cm wide and 14 inches/35cm at deepest center point, using approx. 300yds/270m (all but 2g) of one 25g ball. This yarn works up at a gauge that is closer to the next thicker yarn category, a #1 SuperFine weight.)
Based upon the stitch and row gauges of these projects, the width changes in increments of approximately 1.5 inches/ 4 cm; the depth of the triangle changes in increments of approximately 0.75 inches/ 1.75 cm.

#1 SuperFine/fingering weight {UK & AUS 3 Ply or 4 Ply}
Width changes in increments of approximately 1.75 inches/ 4.5 cm; the depth of the triangle changes in increments of approximately 1 inch/ 2.5 cm.

#2 Fine/sport weight {UK Light DK, AUS 5 Ply}
Red alpaca-silk “Candy Apple” one skein scarf version pictured here (147yds/133m) is 42 inches/ 107 cm wide and 9 inches/ 23 cm at the deepest center point.
If I used two skeins (294yd/266m) instead, it would be approximately 56 inches/ 142 cm wide and approximately 13 inches/ 33 cm at deepest center point.
A swatch of Patons Grace, a sport weight 100% mercerized cotton yarn, came out stiffer than the others so I didn’t continue further with it.
Width changes in increments of 2 inches/ 5 cm; the depth of the triangle changes in increments of almost 1.25 inch/ 3 cm.

#3 Light/DK/light worsted weight {UK Double Knitting}
White silk “Mistletoe” version is 69 inches/ 173cm wide and 15 inches/ 38 cm at deepest center point using 300yd/270m of yarn.
Light blue Simply Soft “Silver Bells” version is 72 inches/ 182 cm wide and 16 inches/ 41 cm at deepest point using one 6oz/170g skein (315yd).
Width changes in increments of approx. 2.5 inches/ 6.5 cm; the depth of the triangle changes in increments of 1.5 inch/ 4 cm.

#4 Medium/Worsted/Aran Weight Yarn, #5 Bulky Weight/Chunky/Rug, #6 Super Bulky Weight/Roving:

These thicker yarn weights have not been swatched for this project because the Simply Soft weight, which verges on the thicker #4 Medium category, is the thickest yarn that I prefer to use with this design as a shoulder wrap or scarf. However, you’re welcome to try any thickness of yarn and I’d love to see your results. The pattern instructions remain the same.

Tunisian Islander

This breezy corner-start triangular wrap, worked side to side, is a refreshing way to experience Tunisian crochet. Some people seem to think of Tunisian crochet as dense or stiff, but this airy net-like stitch has been around long enough to be known by more than one name: Tunisian Corded Stitch, Tunisian Extended Stitch, and Tunisian Single Crochet. It creates such a pretty fabric that I developed a crochet-as-you-go latticework border for it.

It’s also a no-stress way to use up stash yarns because the edging is worked as you go, and you begin the decrease rows when you’ve used half of your yarn. Less yarn than the pattern calls for results in a scarf instead of a wrap.

For me, it is addictive to stitch and is not difficult because the rhythm of the stitch pattern is easy to settle into and remember.

Skill Level

Intermediate because of new stitches and construction technique. After using this pattern you will know (if you didn’t already):

  • How to do the net-like Tunisian Extended Stitch (a.k.a. “Tunisian Single Crochet Knitwise,” or “Tunisian Corded Stitch”)
  • How to do symmetrical-looking Tunisian increases and decreases with equal stretch and drape
  • How to create one of many kinds of triangular shapes in Tunisian crochet
  • A new, elegant border that can be worked as you go
  • How to adapt this design to any yarn you have on hand, and predict final dimensions

Finished Dimensions

Pictured Wrap is 82 inches/209 cm at widest point and 24 inches/61 cm at deepest point, including the 1-inch/2.5 cm border. Your dimensions may vary depending on amount of yarn used and desired size; pattern is the same for virtually any amount of yarn.


  • Tunisian Crochet Hook: size K/11/6.5mm, 14 inches/36 cm long.
  • Yarn used for pictured project: Schoeller+Stahl Batika (100% microfiber acrylic; 142yds/130m per 1.75oz/50g): color #0102, 4 full skeins. Substituting other yarns: Approximately 600 yads/550m of a sport weight or DK weight yarn (category #2 Fine or #3 Light Weight).
  • Stitch markers, optional but recommended, at least for the first few rows.